· B A L L ·

Assorted Visual Toys and Futile Entertainment for
the Leisure of Expendable Peoples in Disposable Times

· ball ·

· eclipse (as seen fron the amazon) ·

· playing matchmaker with planet earth ·

· A GoogleEarth Drawning in YouTube Sauce ·

· trilogy: past, present and future of modernity·
(spot which one is what)

· trinity: dance of the cosmic egg ·

· Brief Treatise and
Modest Musing on the Current Meaning
of the Lexical Pair 'Dependance/Independance'·

· (here you can play with)
What Makes The World Go Round! ·

· left, right, north, south ·
-a concise introduction to where we stand-

· chinese balls ·

· eclipses galore ·

· IT ·

 · Credits: Planet Earth images source: www.solarsystemscope.com ·

r  e  v  e  e  r  i  e  s

p  a  n  o  l  e  k  u